Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Sets

Welcome to The Waterproof Mattress Shop, where we understand the importance of quality and affordability. That's why we've created the Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Set a collection that empowers you and your child to tailor the package to your needs without compromising on affordability.
Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Sets

Welcome to The Waterproof Mattress Shop's Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Set collection where elegance meets functionality for an unparalleled sleep experience. With 24 years of expertise and over 20,700 satisfied customers, we bring you a range that combines exceptional comfort and affordability.

Why Choose the Children's Quilted Waterproof Mattress?

Our Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Set is crafted with precision, ensuring a luxurious sleep sanctuary that exceeds expectations. Beneath the waterproof nautilus cover lies a semi-orthopaedic spring unit with tufting and plush quilting, providing optimal support and comfort. We understand the importance of balancing style with functionality, and our bed sets are designed to elevate your child's sleep experience.

Create Your Children's Waterproof Bed Set Package:

Customise your child's bed set to suit their unique preference. Choose from our meticulously crafted range of sizes, including Small Single, Single, Small Double, and Double. Our attention to detail extends to the tufting and plush quilting, ensuring a bed set that not only offers full waterproof protection but also indulges your child in plush comfort.

Select a waterproof divan to go along with your child's mattress, or go all in with a divan and matching waterproof headboard. Why not also add a wipe-clean duvet and pillow for full protection and comfort?

Why Choose Us?

The Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Set is not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality, durability, and a restful night's sleep for your child. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our expert advice, ensuring you make an informed choice tailored to your child's needs.

For added convenience, our Children's Quilted Waterproof Mattresses can be delivered on a next-day service. Please note that bed bases may take a few extra days to be delivered, as we prioritise precision and quality in every aspect of our service.

Choose The Waterproof Mattress Shop for an exquisite selection of Children's Quilted Waterproof Bed Sets, backed by decades of expertise and a legacy of delighted customers. Transform your child's sleep sanctuary today where sophistication meets comfort.

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