Here are a selection of the frequently asked questions we get regarding our waterproof mattresses.

What makes your mattresses and beds waterproof?
Our mattresses and beds feature a specially designed protective layer that resists liquids and prevents them from penetrating into the mattress or bed structure. This ensures your comfort and prolongs the life of your mattress and bed.
How effective are your waterproof mattresses in managing incontinence?
Our waterproof mattresses and beds are highly effective. They are specifically designed to handle incontinence problems, ensuring that liquid does not soak into the mattress or bed and making cleanup simple and straightforward.
Can your waterproof mattresses and beds help prevent skin issues?
Absolutely. By preventing moisture from soaking into the mattress, our products help maintain a dry sleeping environment which is critical for skin health.
How do I clean your waterproof mattress if an accident occurs?
Cleaning our waterproof mattresses is simple. In the case of an accident, just use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the affected area. Always ensure to thoroughly dry the mattress afterwards.
Do your waterproof mattresses and beds also resist other types of liquid spills?
Yes, our waterproof mattresses and beds are designed to resist all types of liquid spills, not just incontinence. This includes common liquids like coffee, tea, or wine.
Are your waterproof mattresses and beds comfortable?
Absolutely. Our waterproofing technology is designed to be invisible to the touch, maintaining the comfort and support you'd expect from a high-quality mattress or bed.
Will the waterproof feature fade with time?
Our waterproof layer is designed for durability and is resistant to normal wear and tear. While we recommend replacing mattresses and beds every 7-10 years for hygiene and comfort reasons, the waterproofing feature should last the entire lifetime of the product.
Are your waterproof mattresses and beds safe? Do they contain harmful chemicals?
Our products are certified safe and do not contain any harmful substances. They meet or exceed all relevant safety and environmental standards.

Waterproof Mattresses Guide

Everything you need to know about choosing the right waterproof mattress


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